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RV Travel Tips

Plan you vacation in advance, make sure you get exactly what you want.

If going to an RV Park, get as much information about the park and your site as possible. Find out what is included in your hookup (electric, sewer, etc)

Use caution while driving or towing.

Use single ply toilet paper.

Check for local propane filling.

Pack small amounts of cleaning supplies

for campsite use and trailer use upon return.

Check tire pressure at every fueling.

The additional weight of a trailer affects acceleration, braking and handling. Allow extra time for passing, stopping and changing lanes. Start slowly and increase speed in gradual steps.

Excessive sway can lead to loss of control. Sway tends to increase on a downgrade. DON’T try to steer out of the sway. Sudden or violent steering can make it worse. Wind gusts, flat tires or turbulence from other vehicles can cause sway. If the trailer sways, it is the driver’s responsibility to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Some Suggestions:
Reduce your speed gradually.
Hold the steering wheel as steady as possible.
DON’T hit the brake pedal hard unless absolutely necessary. A jackknife can result.
DON’T suddenly speed up.
DON’T continue towing a trailer that tends to sway. Stop and adjust your trailer load and equipment.

Stop and make a thorough inspection if any part of your towing system strikes the road. Correct any problems before resuming travel.

Check your ball, coupler, chains, retaining pins, safety brake emergency release pin EVERY time you tow. Recheck at fuel and rest stops.

Air shocks, transmission coolers, and towing mirrors may be useful to you in towing.

Trailers are about 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The length of yours may vary anywhere from 20 feet to 35 feet, so watch for low tree limbs, narrow roads, carports, gas stations awnings, etc. Remember that you are responsible for any damage that results from misjudgment of distances and space. Have someone else guide you while backing and take corners very wide and very carefully. USE CAUTION—SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Remember to put entrance steps up before traveling. If damage occurs to the steps, cost of replacement will be approximately $600.

Please keep all roof vents closed while driving as open roof vents can be damaged resulting in additional charge to you.

Remember-all damages as a result of carelessness, negligence or inattentiveness on your part are your responsibility.

Please be careful, drive safely and have a great vacation!

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