RV Leaseback Programs

What is a Leaseback Program?

RV Leaseback Programs or RV Rental Management Programs allows new RV purchasers and current RV owners to derive income from their RV while retaining the personal use of it when they need it. Your RV is made available for rental through a dealer and you make income when your RV is rented.

The leaseback company takes care of all the details: they store your RV, market it for rental, handle the rental agreement, collect the rental fees, do general maintenance etc. This can be a really good deal for owners who use their RV only seasonally or occasionally.

Are there tax benefits to using a leaseback program?

What if I want to use my RV?

Basically, you call and make your reservation for the dates you'd like. Different programs have different rules, but most will allow you to block out certain times of the year for your own use.

Will my RV be damaged or messed up by renters?

The renter of the RV is responsible for any damage. Renters are usually carefully screened and must complete an application to rent a unit under a leaseback program. Exact requirements vary depending on the company offering the leaseback program. Many require renters to have an insurance rider to cover things too.

Most companies will give a renter a walk through when they pick up the RV - to familiarize them with the unit and it's features. This also allows the company to point out any items and their operation, so the renter knows how to use the RV. Generally, the renter will sign off that the unit was in good condition. Most companies have a vehicle check-out form that includes this information.

In addition, many companies require a deposit on rv rentals.

What about smoking?

Most companies do not allow smoking in their rental units and impose fines or revoke deposits if this is violated.

How do we get paid?

Most programs pay monthly by check. Some companies include a statement that details the rentals and other transactions for each month.


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